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I am an animation graduate, robotics graduate, and an apprentice instrumentation and controls technician. I've also learned web design and development, networking, software development, app development, and video game development.

I currently work in the robotics field south-west of Toronto but am looking to return to the Ottawa area.

Ethernet Retrofit

Retrofit entire assembly plant to use Ethernet communications for data collection and display.

Tags: Mitsubishi, Toyopuc, Ethernet, Networking, SCADA

KR Display

Is a responsive Meteor web application for displaying SCADA data from a database.

Tags: Meteor, JS, Node, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, MSSQL

Maintenance Reporting

A reporting tool for a maintenance department using Microsoft Access and VBA.

Tags: Access, VBA

Rover Manager

Written in Python3, the Rover Manager is a visual management utility for robotic swarms or workers.

Tags: Python, Qt5, PyQt5, JSON, Xbee, Arduino, C

Angular JS Animation Apache AutoCAD C Cpp Csharp Css DirectX FreeBSD GTWorks3 GXWorks Git HTML Inventor JSON JavaScript LibreOffice Linux Mint Lua MS Access MS Office MSSQL Meteor MongoDB MySQL Node OpenGL OpenSUSE PHP PIC Assembly PostgreSQL Python Qt Toyopuc Ubuntu Visual Basic Windows XML xaml

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